(end of productions series, warehouse stocks, etc)

You can buy and sell almost anything today. Working in trade, being involved, having good contacts and own personal brand it should not be a problem. It's clear. But we are sure that always is worth to buy the same products, but cheaper!  Stock business is an area of activity, from which we started and where we are today one of the leaders on the market!

We have Business contacts in many countries of the world, we have our own transport and warehouse facilities in several Polish cities. People who works for us are really involved and customer oriented. We have many clients with whom we share a great relationship today. We are able to provide you with great branded products at best prices and excellent quality. We treat every customer and every order with full attention and respect because people and the relationships are the most important for us! We are working in this area, still growing, for 10 years !!!

From this point of view, we can say that the key of our success are:

  • People - our customers, our employees and our families. We are fully aware that without them there would be nothing.
  • Respect and trust, work based on the universal values and full of integrity.
  • Products tested, branded and attractive in every aspect, highest quality.
  • Availability of products to for customers in purchase prices (and for sale promotion) which are not available even in manufacturers market
  • The attractiveness of the products in terms of applied values and visual aspects
  • Always lawful origin of the products
  • High flexibility - the ability to start and lead quick marketing campaigns short products series
  • Strategic planning - the ability to plan ahead occasional large campaign based on dedicated products
  • A broad portfolio of products, ease to use in loyalty programs
  • Support the development, marketing, consulting and training experts from TMCG. In the case of extensive cooperation you can get them free of charge!

We invite you to contact us, because everything begins with the conversations and meetings. We are open to various forms of cooperation and exchange. We want to continually develop and share our knowledge and experiences. We know that it's all worth it!